We Do Not Tolerate Intolerance

At Meadows Behavioral Healthcare we do not tolerate intolerance. We serve a stigmatized population that deals daily with the struggle of addiction, eating disorders, trauma, and mental health issues. They face the struggle to find treatment, the struggle of how to pay for treatment, the struggle to move beyond the stigma of mental health and addiction along with the struggle to overcome the financial, emotional, spiritual, and relationship damage done by these issues. Sadly, these struggles are exacerbated by race and gender.

The Meadows does not tolerate intolerance in our assessment of patients, our hiring practices, our internal advancement opportunities, our treatment planning or our discharge planning.

The Meadows stands with our accrediting body, The Joint Commission, and their statement on Racial Justice and Equity. We know that racism exists and that people of color in America often experience poorer healthcare outcomes than their white counterparts.

The Meadows is committed to supporting our staff to confront racism. Clinicians take an oath to do no harm. This applies to all our staff, not just our clinical team.

We stand together in this unique time to affect real change.