A process concern was identified and mitigation has been implemented.

Your information may or may not have been accidentally disclosed; however, we want to be transparent about the incident. You can take steps to help protect yourself from potential harm. Steps may include a credit monitoring service, checking your credit report frequently, as well as user awareness and practicing safe use of technology.

An accidental disclosure may have included your name and/or names of your family members (first and/or last), mailing address, and/or e-mail address.  Please rest assured the accidental disclosure did not include anyone’s date of birth, phone number, social security number, or any details of diagnosis or medical care.

The disclosure occurred because an employee inadvertently included an attachment to an e-mail. The email recipients were contacted the same day and were asked to destroy the information they had been erroneously sent. The employee has been individually counseled and retrained in privacy and security policies and procedures. Standard protocol of at-hire and annual privacy and security training of our workforce will continue.

Contact information for covered entity: [email protected]