Sean Walsh, CEO


At Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, we are encouraged to see that there have been significant gains made around the US and the world in response to the COVID pandemic. As the next phase in easing our COVID mitigation protocols, we will be following CDC recommendations to use community levels of COVID spread/risk as a way to determine the COVID precautions necessary for each of our facilities. By these standards, our MBH program locations are currently considered to be at a “low” risk level. While we remain at this level, we are making the following updates to our safety procedures and protocols:


As of April 1, 2022, we have discontinued mask requirements for patients. Masks will be available and optional for any patients who request them. If there is an increase in COVID transmission, the mandate for indoor masks may be re-implemented. Our healthcare staff follow all requirements in the state where they work regarding vaccinations, testing, and masking. 


We will continue performing one COVID rapid antigen test upon admission for all inpatient programs. Outpatient programs and workshops will discontinue routine testing. Additional testing will take place if a patient presents with symptoms consistent with COVID. 


Meadows Behavioral Healthcare continues to strongly encourage all staff to be fully vaccinated, mask and social distance when appropriate, and follow standard infection control protocols we have always had in place as healthcare providers.

Our Covid Response Team will continue to use the CDC community level tool on a weekly basis to monitor the counties where our MBH programs reside. If any one of these counties move into a higher level of spread/risk, we will adjust our safety protocols immediately. We will continue to offer world-class behavioral healthcare services in the safest way possible.

S. Walsh
Sean Walsh, CEO
Meadows Behavioral Healthcare

COVID Update from Chief Medical Officer

COVID-19 Response: An Update From Our Chief Medical Officer

April 2022: An update on what we are doing at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare to continue offering lifesaving treatment in the face of an ongoing global pandemic.


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